Our company offers the cheapest waste removal in Roehampton, SW15. We are here to help you maintain a clean environment, house or office by getting rid of trash, waste, and junk that ruins the aesthetics in your property. Did you know that working and living in a trash-free environment gives you peace of mind, makes you more organized, and a productive member of society?

Well, we can help you get there. Just call us on 020 3744 6238, and hire us for our affordable junk removal services. They include:

The Cheapest Household Waste Removal in Roehampton

Is household junk taking up most of the space in your home? Then we can come in and take care of the problem on the same day. It does not matter if we have to take 8 trips to the landfill and recycling plants. That is just part of our duty to make sure our clients from Roehampton are happy with our services. We have a team of trained professionals who are background checked and pride themselves in being fast and efficient.

Our rates will depend on the amount of space your junk uses in our trucks. However, that does not mean that you should hold back. Go wild and take out all the unwanted items from your house. We take out the following items at cheap prices:

  • Old furniture disposal
  • Living room furniture
  • Broken bookcases, bed frames, shelves, kitchen tables, dining tables, coffee tables, and doors
  • Worn out sofas, cushions, mattresses, beds, and other bedroom furniture
  • Fridges, cookers, microwaves, ovens, freezers, kitchen sinks, kitchen cupboards, and other kitchen items
  • Bathroom fixtures, bathroom stripping, and kitchen stripping
  • TV’s, PC’s, sound systems, consoles, gaming chairs, and old electrical appliances
  • Torn carpets, rugs, blinds, and curtains

High-Grade Garden Waste Removal Services in Roehampton, SW15

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Then you probably how important it is to recycle. Tell you what, we offer cheap garden waste removal in Roehampton and we recycle. You have worked hard on keeping your garden in good shape and taking care of the weeds. Now let us help you with taking care of the mess that just sits there looking at you. We will be there for the composite collections and leave your garden conservatories looking good and smelling fresh.

We clear all garden waste from a small pile of leaves, pruned trees, and food waste. Moreover, you can also call us if you have broken garden benches, conservatory furniture and beverage bottles used for gardening purposes.

boxes under the vines before garden clearance
Junk in a customer’s garden before clearance

Affordable Builders Waste Clearance Services in Roehampton

You have to love the ambition builders have for their work but the mess they leave afterward can stress you out. Not forgetting how dangerous the broken glass and floor tiles could be. The mess is probably the reason you take a few months longer before residents start using your property. The good news is that JunkLondon.co.uk specializes in clearing out such messes.

If construction is underway on your property, hire us to clean up the mess of rubble, bricks, broken floor tiles, skirting, driveway paving, wall tiles, and laminate flooring. Just give us a call and we’ll help you with builders waste removal in Roehampton.

Exclusive Loft Clearance Services in SW15

If you need to convert the extra space in your loft into say a gym, man cave or an extra bedroom, and then we can help you clear out the mess that is in there. We understand that you may not know where to start since all the junk may be heavy, stored haphazardly and quite dusty. Well, we are trained to handle such messes and you can relax as we move everything out and dispose of it.

Hire us to clear out any of the following junk taking up space in your loft:

  • Broken lamps, tables, armchairs, beds, bookcase, shelves, and console tables
  • Old dishwashers, computers, washing machines, and fridges
  • Unused bikes, radiators, extractor fans and anything else that is collecting dust in your loft.


I can rely on JunkLondon.co.uk for efficient clean-up of my garden on a monthly basis. They are always on time and know how to clean out the waste without destroying my plants or ruining the pattern on my seedbed. – Archie Turnbull

piles of junk before displacement

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We at JunkLondon.co.uk are eco-friendly and we do our part in making earth a better place by recycling waste product. You can count on us for affordable prices, cheap services, and timely rubbish removal services in Roehampton, SW15.

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