Are you looking for an affordable junk clearance service in Merton, SW19? Well, look no further but at Junk London. We are a top-notch rubbish removal company in Merton and would like to offer you the cheapest way of getting rid of your junk. A pile-up of garbage on your property can be stressful and not to mention how unsightly it looks. What you need is a clean place you can be proud of, and you can get that without breaking your bank.

Why get your hands dirty when a bunch of professionals can do your dirty work for you. Call us on 020 3744 6238 today and hire us for any of the services highlighted below.

First-Rate Household Waste Removal in Merton, SW19

Junk London understands your household waste removal needs. That’s why we make it our mission to be reliable and ready to pick up your old furniture, TVs, wardrobes, mattress, kitchen furniture, cupboards and sofas among other items whenever you call us.

We are more than happy to make your house feel more like a home by disposing of unnecessary items that fill up your space.

Simply put your junk out, and we will pick it up. If it’s too heavy for you, don’t fret, we can help you with that. Just sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Exclusive Garden Waste Disposal in Merton

weed in customer's garden before clearance

If you love gardening, then you know how messy it can get especially when you are weeding, pruning or decorating your Garden. Well, we are here to tell you to run wild and get as messy as you possibly can because you no longer have to handle the clean-up. We got your back.

We will help with the disposal of broke garden benches or garden chairs, builders waste from your conservatory and rubble from paving your garden. After we are done with the job, your garden will go back to its former glory.

We understand that garden waste most times is made up of plant and food waste. We, therefore, recycle your garden waste to minimize air and water pollution and emission of greenhouse gases.

Affordable Domestic Waste Disposal Services, SW19

Domestic waste is a result of day to day use of items in our domestic premises. It’s, therefore, hard to avoid creating domestic waste despite how harmful it is to the environment. First off, Domestic waste is often waterproof, and it can damage the soil which can be bad for gardening. Damping solid waste can also choke or kill animals and plants in your environment. It may also affect the drainage channels and block sewage.

Just like any other urban area, Merton can be a victim of improper domestic waste management practices. That’s why we are here to help you with disposing broken kitchen lighting, beverage bottles or mirrors, food waste and any other waste you need us to get rid of.

Cheap Office Waste Clearance in Merton

Your office environment should be a reflection of the work you do. A clean office space screams transparency, honesty, diligence and commands respect. It’s a classic power move to keep your customers coming back for more. But just as your customers expect the best services from your business, so should you demand the same from your junk clearance company in, SW1.

At Junk London, we help you dispose of all the clutter in your office whether it is an old electrical appliance, a chest of drawers, damaged countertops, worn out benches, broken printers or skirting that’s comes off the wall.

We respect your office environment and working hours. Meaning that we will never distract you from your official duties as we get the job done. All you will see is just how good we are at our job even though you barely notice us doing it.

old floor boards in the office ready to be removed


This company has the most professional workers that I have ever seen in Merton. Not only do they do a good job but they are also subtle and fast. Two things you like in a garbage company. There’s no doubt that I am calling them again the next time I have a big mess.

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You can expect nothing but affordable prices and cheap services at Junk London. Plus we are an eco-friendly company who love to recycle. We will also give you advice on how to dispose of your garbage to maintain a clean neighborhood in Merton.

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