Our Chelsea rubbish disposal services are the best you’ll find in the city of London. We are in high demand – residents of Chelsea use our services to get rid of old furniture, boxes, and bins filled with unwanted items, dated electric appliances, garden furniture and much more.

We have years of experience in offering services that will save you time and money. Junk London delivers rubbish removal in Chelsea in a short time. Junk removal can be a dull and tiring process. But there is no need to worry about cleaning and organizing your home yourself. You don’t have to stress about decluttering your garage or spring-cleaning your flat anymore.

Call us today at 020 3744 6238 for a free consultation. We will gladly do all the waste clearance for you.

All Types of Rubbish Clearance Services We Provide in Chelsea

rubbish we removed from customer's household
Rubbish we removed from customer’s household

Our services cover everything from junk clearance to waste disposal and recycling. We’ll do all decluttering and get rid of any possible type of junk from your living and working space in no time. Call 020 3744 6238 today and speak to one of our friendly agents to find out about our services and quotes. Regardless of the service you need, we guarantee your full satisfaction with the results.

House Rubbish Disposal in Chelsea

If you need those boxes filled with junk in your home sorted out, our team will come and help you just in a day. We’ll gladly help you declutter and organize your living space to make it a pleasant and relaxing place again. With our affordable rubbish disposal in Chelsea service, you don’t have to stress about your house junk clearance. If you want to get rid of old bathroom furniture, fridges, cookers, and other electrical appliances, curtains, cushions, mattresses or any other unwanted items, our company will help you clear and refresh house. Give us a call today!

Rented Flat Waste Removal

If you are a tenant due to vacate your rented flat in Chelsea, call us today and we’ll help with waste collection from your rented property before you leave. Here at Junk London, we are happy to help you take the moving pressure off. Our team of professionals will come and help you with rented flat junk removal.

Commercial Rubbish Disposal in Chelsea

Junk London offers a variety of commercial and business waste removal services. we do any type of office junk removal. We’ll come and clean your bulky waste, office chairs, desks, desktop monitors, computers, photocopiers, fax machines, printers, and other office equipment, just name it. Also, we will come and clean the entire warehouse if you need it.

Chelsea Daily Waste Collection

If you need regular, daily junk removal services, call us today to discuss the details with our friendly operators. Junk London provides daily waste collection fast and efficiently. We work with individuals and business of all sizes, to deliver the best possible recycling and waste disposal service in Chelsea.

Paper and Cardboard Removal

used boxes

Looking for junk cardboard disposal in Chelsea? Junk London will collect your waste cardboard. Call us today to get the free quote and arrange the service. We’ll do all the paper collection, removal, transportation, and recycling process for you.

Restaurant Clearance in Chelsea

Are you an owner of a restaurant or a bar in Chelsea? You may be struggling to keep your restaurant clean and spotless for your clients. Regardless of the service, you might need, we remove rubbish 24 hours 7 days a week. If you need food waste disposal or you are renovating and want to get rid of old kitchen worktops, countertops, and other kitchen furniture, old tables, benches, and chairs, kitchen sinks, fridges, cookers, and freezers, just call us! We will help you with the junk removal from your restaurant in Chelsea!

Environmentally Friendly Rubbish Disposal in Chelsea

Junk London is fully dedicated to tailoring a waste removal from your homes, gardens, and commercial space sustainably and consciously. No matter the service you request, we always ensure to do the waste collection in an eco-friendly way. Our company will dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way. In addition, we will collect and recycle any of your unwanted items.

Chelsea Residents Testimonials

Junk London spared me so much stress when I was moving out of my rented flat in Chelsea. We collect so much junk over the years, you wouldn’t believe! Moving was stressful enough, so I thought I ‘d give them a shout and ask for help. They really did an amazing job collecting all that junk. Thanks a lot!

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