Is outsourcing cheap waste clearance in Bermondsey, SE16,  your problem? Then we at junk London are your solution. We are a rubbish clearance company that sets the bar high in the services we offer our clients. We are a professional company you can trust that provides speedy and efficient waste clearance services.

Are you getting tired of the clutter lying around in your home? Sick of the smell of garbage waste in your compound? Then call us on today 020 3744 6238 and hire us for the following affordable cleanup services.

The Cheapest Household Junk Removal in Bermondsey, SE16

What most people from Bermondsey, SE16 hate about a household cleanup is the fact that they do not know where to put the excess trash when they are done. That leads to weeks upon weeks of postponing a cleaning duty that could give you peace of mind. If this is where you are, Junk London is here to rescue you from your household waste.

Call us anytime you clean up and need someone to take care of the unwanted items like worn out mattresses, old furniture, broken chairs, beds,  old electrical appliances, cushions, loose wallpaper, broken floor tiles, old sound systems or torn carpets and rugs.

stools and old floor boards removed from the kitchen

Affordable Garage Junk Clearance in Bermondsey, SE16

It can be difficult to get rid of garage junk in Bermondsey especially when every item is heavy, bulky and chaotic in the way that it’s stored. Tell you what; you don’t have to have that stress migraine every time you step into the garage. Simply let us know when you are ready, and we will be there to show you how to dispose of all the junk. Don’t fret, we will be doing most of the work.

You can trust Junk London to get rid of all the junk crowding your garage like old TV’s, fridges, cookers, microwaves, bikes, broken kitchen sinks, and other electrical appliances. Moreover, the best part is that you can take a nap while the professionals are at work and end up with a clean garage that you didn’t spend big bucks on. Now that’s winning.

Exclusive Builders Waste Removal in Bermondsey

Businesses and individual property owners upgrade their surroundings constantly by expanding the living space or getting renovations on the current buildings. That is where builders come in for all the handy work. Nevertheless, most times, builders do not clean up after themselves despite doing a good job of giving your property a new look.

Well, we are here to tell you that builders waste should not have to worry you. We at Junk London have a world of experience in removing and disposing of builders waste in Bermondsey. After the builders are done with their work, call us, and we can offer you the cheapest builders waste dumping services. We handle the disposal of unused skirting, wallpapers, kitchen stripping, bathroom stripping, office stripping, broken floor tiles, window frames, mirrors, laminate flooring, and wall tiles.

planks we removed from customer's backyard

Unparalleled Commercial Waste Removal Bermondsey, SE16

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when running their business is where to dump their solid waste especially when much of it is produced on a daily scale. Not to mention the fact that it is hard to attract customers and make them trust you when your business environment isn’t clean. There is also a great chance that you may get in trouble with the health and environmental regulatory authority in your area if you do not take the recommended steps in disposing of your waste.

Next time you find yourself in such a quagmire, get in touch with us at Junk London, a company experienced in safe, clean, healthy and efficient ways of disposing of commercial waste in Bermondsey, SE16. Whether it’s e-waste like printers, PC’s, fax machines, photocopiers and other old electrical appliances, a broken chest of drawers, filing cabinets, doors, windows, mirrors, beverage bottles or other non-hazardous waste. We will offer your business efficient environmentally friendly solutions to get rid of your waste.


One call to Junk London and they arrived in their huge trucks on time. They went through the job with me and made sure I was comfortable and got my consent before moving anything. Never have I been happier seeing a garbage truck leave my home. I would highly recommend Junk London to anyone looking for a budget-friendly junk removal service in Bermondsey.

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